Hello Creative Friends!
I’ve been trying my best to keep up with this ever-evolving crisis we find ourselves in. We kept diligent on cleaning and doing everything in our power to keep our studio a clean, safe environment with every extra measure we possibly could. I had decided I would follow suit with our local restaurants, and then that decision was made for us.
Our open studio hours are closed and events for the month of March are cancelled.
However, we are creating *pottery TO-GO kits for you to purchase that will have everything you need to get your art therapy in. (This has to count as art class for our kids at home🤷‍♀️) I am also putting together *paint and sip canvas packets so you can sit home in your pjs, have a drink and paint “live” with me. As well as *Clay kits for you and your kids to create with “live” tutorial instruction.
I’m working on the best, safest, way to make this all happen almost like a take-out restaurant, as well as pick-up for finished pieces. Please let me know if you have ideas or wishes for your creative take out.
Praying for all of our community to stay healthy and safe. And with all this time on our hands….. keep positive and creative❤️
Melissa and family
1. Visit Endless Creations on Facebook to look at the photos of our inventory and paint colors.
2. Choose a couple of options from inventory (in case something isn’t available) and Choose up to 5 colors of pottery glazes or acrylics.(Glazes = paint and return the pottery to be fired, Acrylics = paint and keep)
3. Call Melissa at 802-875-2008, to place your to-go order and to arrange pick up. Melissa will gather the items and place them in the pick up box outside the studio.
4. Paint your pottery piece.
5. If you chose glazes, call Melissa to let her know when you’ll be returning the piece(s) to be fired.
6. The pieces will get fired (timing may vary depending on how many pieces need to be fired) and you will get a call for pick up!
Check out this video , for more explanation
PAYPAL payment is preferred but we will accept checks and exact cash.
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